OKMA Records is not your typical record label. We were founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2021 with the mission to help artists realize their musical vision while giving back to the community. As a nonprofit record label, we are dedicated to assisting Oklahoma musical artists and providing minimal risk solutions for distribution and manufacturing of completed works. We also provide merchandising options for artists and online direct sales.

We know how hard it is to financially support yourself in the music industry. All of our services are geared towards allowing even the smallest of artists the ability to be heard without facing the potentially substantial costs associated with album releases.

Digital Distribution

Let us handle the digital distribution of your album. We will spread your music globally, to all major retailers and streaming platforms worldwide.

CD Production

CDs can be a risky investment, nowadays. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars upfront and cross your fingers that you can make a profit. With our CD production services, we are able to offer a no risk alternative. Our artists are able to stock up on CDs for their booths on an as-needed basis, only ordering what you know you can sell. There’s no minimums and limited investment involved.

Vinyl Production

Vinyl is making a comeback! But they can be expensive and require a lot of sales to make a return on your investment. We are able to release your album on vinyl without all of the expenses that go into production.


If you’re really looking to stock up your merch booth, we have a variety of merchandising options for you. Ranging from apparel to home products, you can make your merch booth stand out at your show. If you haven’t noticed the theme here yet, these services are also offered with no minimums.

Online Storefront

We’ve mentioned no minimums quite a bit, now. Let’s talk a bit about having zero inventory. All of our products can be manufactured, sold, and shipped directly through OKMA Records. This translates to absolutely no cost and no risk to the artist.

What do we get out of this?

As a nonprofit, our percentage of all sales are kept to a minimum. All net proceeds we generate go directly into the expenses in offering these services and maintenance of the Oklahoma Music Archives. Any additional proceeds go back into supporting the Oklahoma musical community.

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